programsAt Little Angels Childcare Learning Centre children will learn through a play based education supported by the “ELECT” document created by an expert panel report called “Early Learning for Every Child Today”. Each program is set up with age appropriate centres and play themes that are created as a starting point to guide learning and to provide basic structure to meet the needs of all children.

These Play themes are created by the RECE’s (Early Childhood Educators) observations of the children and than implemented into the program plan on a weekly basis. In doing so this encourages the children’s ability to be creative and use their natural curiosity and excitement towards learning.

We value the uniqueness and independence of each child and encourage each child to explore and learn at their own ability. Our programs are designed for exploration, self teaching as well as the essential use of responsive RECE’s.


In our infant program we include a variety of different stimulants. Our RECEs insure to plan activities and experiences that will heighten the developing infant mind. From the toys, activities and experiences that are infant appropriate your child will begin to learn about the world around them in our child friendly environment which promotes exploration. Our program is structured to allow infants the need for snack time, play time and rest time.


Our Toddler program is designed for the high energy and busy toddler life! Our RECEs will encourage exploration and independence in this new beginning of self awareness by providing many opportunities for dramatic play, creativity and physical movement.


Our Preschool program encourages and supports a preschoolers need for independence! Our RECEs encourage your child to use self help skills dressing, eating and social play. Preschoolers love to feel capable, and through our program your child will be able to express their feelings and challenge themselves to new things each and everyday while having FUN!