Our facility operates with cameras and card access entrances. Only families currently in the centre will have access to the building. For any visitors to the centre they will have to sign in at the office and only have access by management. There is the option of having two useable entrances making it extremely easy and efficient for pick up and dropping off children. For the families that walk to our centre or drive to our centre there is an easy way for everyone.

Our classrooms are designed for each child to feel secure and confident with their surroundings and encourage self exploration throughout their day. We’ve built our space to be a child friendly environment in function, finish and colour. Colours used in the centre are bright and colourful, age appropriate toys, books arts and crafts with variety, Large outdoor play spaces for children with greenery (not easily found in the city) place to climb, run, and play confidently.
We have a large indoor area for gross motor activity.